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Welcome to Chesterton Quality Constructions!

Chesterton Quality Constructions Pty Ltd is a family owned and run business. We are a builder who cares and provides attention to detail.

For the past 20 years we have been building quality new homes, renovations, extensions, maintenance work and commercial work for our valued clients. We invite you to read some of the letters we have received from our clients on our Testimonials page.



Meet the Builder - Dean Chesterton

I have twenty-seven years experience in the building industry. I was raised on a family farm outside a small country town of Proston, in South East Queensland. My father insisted that I obtain a trade once completing Year 10. My Grandfather was a Builder and I showed natural ability in this field also. So off I went around the Builder’s of Kingaroy expressing interest in completing a Carpentry apprenticeship.

My father guided me on my journey by taking the first step with me. He drove me around Kingaroy checking each building site for the opportunity of an apprenticeship for me.

I then stayed with relatives in Kingaroy and rode around Kingaroy on a push bike re-visiting the building sites and getting my name out there again. Persistence paid off because I commenced work as an apprentice Carpenter in 1980.

I was employed by a well respected local Builder, the late, Mr Lou Mengel. Lou was 63 years of age at the time he employed me and his family was suggesting he retire, but he wasn’t ready to do so. By this time I had visited Lou several times and Lou was encouraged by my persistence so Lou decided that if he employed me he would have a reason to keep working for another four years at least, whilst I completed my apprenticeship.

Over this time I have completed all kinds of work from minor maintenance work, commercial building and large and small residential dreams.

Along with my wife Julie, we commenced business as Builders and have been completing building work in the South Burnett since 1988.





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